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Make2D-DB II

The Make2D-DB II Package - FAQ

current version: 3.10.2 -- December 2011

Frequently asked Questions

This page will be continuously extended. Please, do come back to check for its content.

Before reporting any bug, please, make sure you have updated to the most recent version of Make2D-DB II.

Current version of Make2D-DB II: 3.10.2

- I have already configured the server and I wish to load some new data.
How do I load the new data without going thorugh the process of setting up the database and configuring other server parameters?

Currently there is no distributed interface to interactively add or change data within an already installed database. The option '-m update' is for the moment the approriate choice for this task. You should in this case provide again all your data already provided during your last installation, and add (or modify) any new data you wish to it. You are not strictly required to provide a server configuration file (''), as the tool should automatically detect your already running server configuration. The tool will rebuild again your database based on the available data. Entry versions numbers and database publication and related annotations are though correctly managed during this process. If, for any reason, the update process fails, your database is (automatically) restored back in its previous state.
Meanwhile, if you are planning to add a new project that is independant of your previous data, then simply build a new database with the new data to be added, and then modify your Web server configuration file to manage more than one project (database) simultaneously.

- The installation went well, by when I connect to the Web interface I have systematically the kind of  following errors:
"Bad Query: ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table..."

Those errors are due to some incompatibility between version 2.0 (and lower) and postgreSQL version 8.1.
Upgrade to version 3.10 of Make2D-DB II (or higher) which is fully compatible with the new distributions of postgreSQL.

- My database installation went well. But when I try to access the Web interface, I get the message:
"could not create socket: Permission denied".

This error has been detected on some Fedora/Red Hat core 3 distributions. It is due to the security level policy for HTTPD service controlled by SELinux Policy. You will need to properly configure the SELinux in order to allow scripts and modules to connect to the network under HTTPD Service (as Make2D-DB uses the perl module DBI, which connects to postgreSQL databases via TCP/IP). A more radical solution - not recommended - would be to temporarily turn off SELinux by executing, as root, the command: ' setenforce 0 '. But be aware that this will deactivate all the security given by SELinux.
Check also that your policy module is up-to-date (selinux-policy and selinux-policy-targeted packages).

- When the tool tries to read my Melanie XML files, there is an error message saying:
"Bareword "node_parent" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.0/XML/XPath/ line 54."

This is a bug in CPAN module XML-XPath-1.13 (2003), you should install a recent version.

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