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The Proteome Imaging group, affiliated to the Swiss-Prot Group of SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics has been developing Melanie since more than two decades rendering this two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) gel analysis platform one of today's market leaders for analyzing, annotating and querying complex 2-D gel samples.

The most recent product releases are Melanie 7.0 and Melanie 7.0 DIGE, enabling our users to seamlessly perform both classical and DIGE gel analysis. These versions provide powerful and innovative solutions to shorten the path from data acquisition to protein information. The superior spot detection and matching algorithms facilitate the extraction of statistically valid differences between groups of 2-D gels, while requiring minimal user intervention and therefore speeding up analysis time. The application integrates filtering, querying, reporting, statistical and graphing options so that you can easily view, compare, analyze and present your results.

While providing the utmost in 2-D gel analysis, Melanie 7.0 DIGE extends the benefits of this powerful analytical software to 2-D DIGE experiments, eliminating gel-to-gel variation and improving accuracy by enabling the use of an internal standard.

Recognized as one of the market's leaders Melanie was incorporated into the ImageMasterTM 2D Platinum platform in 2003 as its unique gel analysis backbone. Currently Melanie is jointly distributed by GE Healthcare, under the ImageMaster 2D Platinum brand name, and by Geneva Bioinformatics SA (GeneBio) under its original name.

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DIGE gel image analysis

Free Viewer

One of the aims of the SIB is to provide a wealth of useful tools to the international scientific community. The Melanie Viewer 7.0 is one of these tools. This Viewer is made available free of charge to help researchers visualize gels and related data obtained through the use of the full version of Melanie by colleagues. It can also be used to view annotated gels from databases such as SWISS-2DPAGE, or any other image files with an appropriate format (.tif, .gel, etc.).

The Viewer includes similar functionalities as the full versions of the software with the following limitations: Spots and matches cannot be created or edited. Gel images cannot be edited (rotated, cropped, or flipped). The Reports cannot be saved.

Melanie Viewer 7.0.7 (39 MB - Release Notes)
for Windows XP / VISTA / 7
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Our Mascot

Melanie has been developed in Geneva, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, where the Saint Bernard dog is at home. Barry has thus been adopted as Melanie's mascot. Visit our mascot page.