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Searching in 'World-2DPAGE Repository [0004]' experimental data (all)
for spot names matching (exactly): '174'
on the 'OB21DSUB' map.

Searched entry

Spot ID AC
PMF Tandem MS Identified peptides Amino acid composition
174 P31977

823.5161; 894.5466; 898.4331; 914.5358; 976.548; 987.5197; 1063.5494; 1104.5913; 1136.5809; 1175.6139; 1182.5989; 1310.6937; 1316.6827; 1356.588; 1472.809; 1484.6821; 1488.774; 1509.6934; 1651.8086; 1660.7944; 1809.8372; 1962.9371; 2023.9563; TRYPSIN

no data PKPINVR,2-8; QLFDQVVK,28-35; EVWYFGLQYVDNK,41-53; FYPEDVADELIQDITQK,84-100; LFFLQVK,101-107; SGYLSSER,144-151; IQVWHAEHR,172-180; IAQDLEMoxYGINYFEIK,194-209; IGFPWSEIR,238-246; KAPDFVFYAPR,263-273; APDFVFYAPR,264-273; ILQLCMoxGNHELYMoxR,280-293; RKPDTIEVQQMoxK,295-306; KPDTIEVQQMK,296-306; EKEELMoxLR,343-350; LQDFEQKTK,351-359; ALQLEEER,372-379; SQEQLAAELAEYTAK,413-427; IALLEEAR,428-435; KEDEVEEWQHR,438-448; EDEVEEWQHR,439-448; QLLTLSNELSQAR,530-542; THNDIIHNENMoxR,548-559 no data

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