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A public repository, standards compliant, for gel-based proteomics data published in the literature

It is becoming highly recommended, if not already mandatory, to provide public access to supporting data when submitting a paper for publication in proteomics journals. It has already become a good practice for MS data. The World-2DPAGE Repository is put forward as the complement for gel-based data.
It should be emphasized that submitting data in this public repository will provide immediate benefits to authors. First, it will guarantee long-term availability and increase visibility of their published data, not only through images and protein lists in manuscript, but also as searchable data. Second, this will contribute to the expansion of accessible proteomics data, making more experiments available for further analysis or comparison (see examples through the World-2DPAGE Portal).

Upload your published data to the World-2DPAGE Repository

Gel image(s) and identified protein list(s)

Please provide a zip file containing:
  • gel image(s) in supported format (gif, tif, png, jpg...). For each gel, you should provide a small image (approx. 100x100 pixels, without legend -see example-) and a full size (approx. 1000x1000 pixels), preferably with axis legends -see example-. For control, please provide as well the annotated image with identified spots labelled.
  • a file (spreadsheet format such as Excel) containing supporting information for gel image(s) - download template- Note: this can be combined with identification list (template for all).
  • identified protein list(s) in spreadsheet format such as Excel. You should provide a separate file of identifications for each gel (fully detailed explanations of what can be provided as annotations can be found here, or download template). Note: this can be combined with gel information (template for all).
    Important note: X&Y coordinates should be given in pixels correpsonding to full size gel image!
  • for data not yet published or under editiorial process review, you should provide the full article (with tables and figures) submitted for publication.

Protocols - MIAPE documents

Please use the MIAPEGelDB submission tool to produce the MIAPE document(s) describing your gel experiment, then provide the URL of your document here:

Mass spectrometry data

If any, provide a zip file containing peak list in separate files (one per identification) in traditional format such mgf, dta, pkl, mzML/mzData, etc.

Or if you already submitted these data to the PRIDE repository, you may upload the PRIDE Submission Spreadsheet (more information)

Reference publication for those data

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