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Sample Preparation and Post-separation Analysis

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AC   P0A9G6; P05313;
DT   01-OCT-1998, integrated into SWISS-2DPAGE (release 8).
DT   15-MAY-2003, 2D annotation version 2.
DT   19-MAY-2011, general annotation version 12.
DE   RecName: Full=Isocitrate lyase; Short=ICL; Short=Isocitrase;
DE   Short=Isocitratase; EC=;.
GN   Name=aceA; Synonyms=icl; OrderedLocusNames=b4015, JW3975;
OS   Escherichia coli.
OC   Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacteriales;
OC   Enterobacteriaceae; Escherichia.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=562;
MT   ECOLI4.5-5.5, ECOLI5-6.
IM   ECOLI4.5-5.5, ECOLI5-6.
RN   [1]
RX   PubMed=11680886; [NCBI, Expasy, EBI, Israel, Japan]
RA   Tonella L., Hoogland C., Binz P.-A., Appel R.D., Hochstrasser D.F.,
RA   Sanchez J.-C.;
RT   ''''''New perspectives in the Escherichia coli proteome investigation'';'';'';
RL   Proteomics 1(1):409-423(2001).
2D   -!- MASTER: ECOLI4.5-5.5;
2D   -!-   PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0014YM=5.19/44136;
2D   -!-   PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0014Z4=5.12/44136;
2D   -!-   PI/MW: SPOT 2D-001564=5.01/33806;
2D   -!-   PI/MW: SPOT 2D-00156C=4.98/33669;
2D   -!-   PEPTIDE MASSES: SPOT 2D-0014YM: 1182.619; 1225.718; 1495.885;
2D         1749.89; 1890.041; 1911.981; 2074.091; 2777.225; TRYPSIN.
2D   -!-   PEPTIDE MASSES: SPOT 2D-0014Z4: 1182.632; 1495.891; 1615.836;
2D         1890.02; 2074.011; 2178.008; TRYPSIN.
2D   -!-   PEPTIDE MASSES: SPOT 2D-001564: 1116.59; 1182.62; 1225.7; 1495.86;
2D         1739.81; 1749.85; 1889.98; 1911.93; 2074.01; 2711.26; 2777.09; TRYPSIN.
2D   -!-   PEPTIDE MASSES: SPOT 2D-00156C: 1182.613; 1225.739; 1495.864;
2D         1744.847; 1890.04; TRYPSIN.
2D   -!-   MAPPING: Peptide mass fingerprinting [1].
2D   -!- MASTER: ECOLI5-6;
2D   -!-   PI/MW: SPOT 2D-001KZT=5.01/51702;
2D   -!-   PEPTIDE MASSES: SPOT 2D-001KZT: 1041.586; 1088.541; 1182.624;
2D         1225.688; 1495.885; 1716.804; 1732.855; 1739.822; 1749.877; 1895.942;
2D         2018.098; 2058.025; 2177.978; 2711.303; 2777.167; TRYPSIN.
2D   -!-   MAPPING: Peptide mass fingerprinting [1].
CC   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
CC   This SWISS-2DPAGE entry is copyright the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
CC   There are no restrictions on its use by non-profit institutions as long as
CC   its content is in no way modified and this statement is not removed.
CC   Usage by and for commercial entities requires a license agreement (See
CC or send email from
CC   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
DR   2DBase-Ecoli; P0A9G6; ACEA_ECOLI.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P0A9G6; ACEA_ECOLI.

The following 2-D maps are available for this protein:
Escherichia coli(4.5-5.5)
Escherichia coli(5-6)


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