Protein and peptide mass determination

The heart of this new approach is the simultaneous separation of thousand of polypeptides using either electrophoresis or liquid chromatography techniques. Their further identification combines high-throughput mass spectrometry analysis to powerful bioinformatic tools. The Geneva Proteomics Core Facility provides a protein and peptide mass determination service to which you may send your samples for analysis. This service includes tryptic digestion from 1-DE, 2-DE and liquid samples. The peptide mixtures is then analysed by Mass Spectrometry.

Sample preparation


MethodSwiss Fr. / sample
1-10 samples
Swiss Fr. / sample
> 10 samples
Indicated prices takes into account that you are coming from Faculty of Medecine, Uni Geneve or HUG Maldi-Tof125.00Inquire Prices do not include VAT (7.6%).

Time delay

Allow three weeks for the delivery of results.