Large scale protein quantitation

The heart of this approach is the simultaneous separation, identification and quantitation of thousand of polypeptides. The Geneva Proteomics Core Facility provides 3 large-scale protein quantitation services to which you may send your samples for analysis. These services include:

Sample preparation

Sample preparation and solubilization are crucial factors for the overall performance of the 2-D PAGE technique. Protein complexes and aggregates should be completely broken up in order to avoid the appearance of new spots due to a partial protein solubilization. Thus, samples have to be sent to the Geneva Proteomics Core Facility either in a fresh solution containing 8 M urea, 4% (w/v) CHAPS, Tris base 40 mM, DTE 65 mM and a trace of bromophenol blue (see below) or as a dried powder. The minimum amount of protein has to be around 100 µg. The sample may contain salt in amounts lower than 100 mM. Put your samples in an Eppendorf tube, freeze them at -20 degree Celsius and put them into dry ice for shipment.


MethodSwiss Fr. / sample
SILAC + 1-DE + LC ESI-MS/MSInquire
Isobaric tagging + offgel electrophoresis + LC ESI-MS/MSInquire
2-DE gels + Sypro Ruby + Image analysisInquire

Time delay

Allow six weeks for delivery of the results.