STS approved
STS 299

2-DE Protein Separation

The Geneva Proteomics Core Facility uses a sigmoidal immobilized pH gradient (IPG) for isoelectric focusing and the usual vertical SDS polyacrylamide gel with some small modifications (PDA as crosslinker and sodium thiosulfate as adjunct catalyst) for the second dimension. A sensitive ammoniacal silver staining is used as a non-radioactive protein detection method. The resulting 2-D PAGE is scanned on a laser densitometer. The digital image may then be retrieved from the ExPASy server and analysed at your site using, for example, the ImageMaster 2D Platinum analysis software. Alternatively, a paper print may be sent by mail (Disclaimer).

Sample preparation

Sample preparation and solubilization are crucial factors for the overall performance of the 2-D PAGE technique. Protein complexes and aggregates should be completely broken up in order to avoid the appearance of new spots due to a partial protein solubilization. Thus, samples have to be sent to the Geneva Proteomics Core Facility either in a fresh solution containing 8 M urea, 4% (w/v) CHAPS, Tris base 40 mM, DTE 65 mM and a trace of bromophenol blue (see below).

Put your samples in an Eppendorf tube, freeze them at -20 degree Celsius and put them into dry ice for shipment.


MethodSwiss Fr. / sample
1-10 samples
Swiss Fr. / sample
> 10 samples
Minigels 2-DE and Silver staining (8 x 9 cm)125.00Inquire
Minigels 2-DE and Coomassie staining100.00Inquire
Minigels 2-DE and PVDF transfert150.00Inquire
Maxi 2-DE and Silver staining (18 x 20 cm)250.00Inquire
Maxi 2-DE and Coomassie staining200.00Inquire
Maxi 2-DE and PVDF transfert300.00Inquire
Indicated prices takes into account that you are coming from Faculty of Medecine, Uni Geneve or HUG Minigels 2-DE and Silver staining (8 x 9 cm)200.00Inquire Minigels 2-DE and Coomassie staining175.00Inquire Minigels 2-DE and PVDF transfert250.00Inquire Maxi 2-DE and Silver staining (18 x 20 cm)450.00Inquire Maxi 2-DE and Coomassie staining400.00Inquire Maxi 2-DE and PVDF transfert500.00Inquire Prices do not include VAT (7.6%).

Time delay

Allow two weeks for delivery of the results (prints and images).