ID A1AT_HUMAN; STANDARD; 2DG. AC P01009; DT 01-AUG-1993, integrated into SWISS-2DPAGE (release 0). DT 15-MAY-2003, 2D annotation version 1. DT 19-MAY-2011, general annotation version 18. DE RecName: Full=Alpha-1-antitrypsin; AltName: Full=Alpha-1 protease DE inhibitor; AltName: Full=Alpha-1-antiproteinase; AltName: Full=Serpin A1; DE Contains: RecName: Full=Short peptide from AAT; Short=SPAAT; Flags: Precursor;. GN Name=SERPINA1; Synonyms=AAT, PI; ORFNames=PRO0684, PRO2209; OS Homo sapiens (Human). OC Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; OC Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; OC Hominidae; Homo. OX NCBI_TaxID=9606; MT CSF_HUMAN, HEPG2SP_HUMAN, LIVER_HUMAN, LYMPHOMA_HUMAN, PLASMA_HUMAN. IM CSF_HUMAN, HEPG2SP_HUMAN, LIVER_HUMAN, LYMPHOMA_HUMAN, PLASMA_HUMAN. RN [1] RP MAPPING ON GEL. RX MEDLINE=93162045; PubMed=1286669; RA Hochstrasser D.F., Frutiger S., Paquet N., Bairoch A., Ravier F., RA Pasquali C., Sanchez J.-C., Tissot J.-D., Bjellqvist B., Vargas R., Appel RA R.D., Hughes G.J.; RT ''''''Human liver protein map: a reference database established by RT microsequencing and gel comparison'';'';''; RL Electrophoresis 13(1):992-1001(1992). RN [2] RP PATHOLOGICAL LEVEL. RA Allen R.C., Bienvenu J., Laurent P., Suskind R.M.; RL (IN) Robert C. Allen, et al. (eds.); RL Marker proteins in inflammation: proceedings of the symposium, Lyon, RL France, April 1981, pp.0-0, W. de Gruyter, Berlin (1982). RN [3] RP PATHOLOGICAL VARIANTS. RA Sharp H.L.; RL (IN) McKusick V.A., Clairbone R. (eds.); RL Medical genetics, pp.131-140, H. P. Publ. Co. Inc., New York (1973). RN [4] RP GENETIC VARIANTS. RX MEDLINE=80181048; PubMed=6102963; RA Cox D.W., Johnson A.M., Fagerhol M.K.; RT ''''''Report of Nomenclature Meeting for alpha 1-antitrypsin, INSERM, Rouen/Bois-Guillaume-1978'';'';''; RL Hum. Genet. 53(1):429-433(1980). RN [5] RP PATHOLOGICAL VARIANTS. RX MEDLINE=83297520; PubMed=6604220; RA Owen M.C., Brennan S.O., Lewis J.H., Carrell R.W.; RT ''''''Mutation of antitrypsin to antithrombin. alpha 1-antitrypsin RT Pittsburgh (358 Met leads to Arg), a fatal bleeding disorder'';'';''; RL New Engl. J. Med. 309(1):694-698(1983). RN [6] RP MAPPING ON GEL. RX MEDLINE=93092937; PubMed=1459097; RA Hughes G.J., Frutiger S., Paquet N., Ravier F., Pasquali C., Sanchez RA J.-C., James R.W., Tissot J.-D., Bjellqvist B., Hochstrasser D.F.; RT ''''''Plasma protein map: an update by microsequencing'';'';''; RL Electrophoresis 13(1):707-714(1992). RN [7] RP MAPPING ON GEL. RX MEDLINE=96007934; PubMed=7498157; RA Sanchez J.-C., Appel R.D., Golaz O.G., Pasquali C., Ravier F., Bairoch RA A., Hochstrasser D.F.; RT ''''''Inside SWISS-2DPAGE database'';'';''; RL Electrophoresis 16(1):1131-1151(1995). CC -!- SUBUNIT: SINGLE CHAIN 2D -!- MASTER: CSF_HUMAN; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BG6=4.94/132121; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BGA=5.00/132770; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BGH=5.06/130832; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BTP=4.78/60493; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BTU=4.83/59122; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BU8=4.90/57782; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BUC=4.79/58523; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BUV=4.96/57051; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BV7=5.04/56473; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BVN=5.08/56043; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BVO=5.12/57051; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-000BWW=5.15/55193; 2D -!- MAPPING: MATCHING WITH THE PLASMA MASTER GEL [7]. 2D -!- MASTER: HEPG2SP_HUMAN; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008W1=4.62/57821; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008WN=4.69/55230; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008WS=4.74/54511; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008WZ=4.80/53979; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008YD=4.87/52240; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008YS=4.95/51391; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008YY=5.04/51223; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0008Z4=5.12/51223; 2D -!- MAPPING: MATCHING WITH THE PLASMA MASTER GEL [7]. 2D -!- MASTER: LIVER_HUMAN; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0000LY=4.92/56382; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0000MB=4.97/55609; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0000MX=5.01/54544; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0000NT=5.08/53944; 2D -!- DISEASE POSITIONAL VARIANTS: ALPHA-1-ANTITRYPSIN PITTSBURGH [5]. 2D -!- NORMAL POSITIONAL VARIANTS: 30 GENETIC VARIANTS KNOWN AS PI ALLELES [4]. 2D -!- PATHOLOGICAL LEVEL: DECREASED DURING HEPATIC CIRRHOSIS IN CHILDREN 2D [3] AND EMPHYSEMA; INCREASED DURING THE ACUTE-PHASE REACTION [2], LIVER 2D DAMAGE AND PREGNANCY. 2D -!- MAPPING: MATCHING WITH A PLASMA GEL [1]. 2D -!- MASTER: LYMPHOMA_HUMAN; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0007GG=4.87/55663; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0007H1=4.92/54763; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0007HH=5.00/53878; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0007HT=5.08/53503; 2D -!- MAPPING: MATCHING WITH THE LIVER MASTER GEL [7]. 2D -!- MASTER: PLASMA_HUMAN; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004B2=5.01/108882; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004B8=5.05/106590; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004KJ=5.11/69340; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004QH=4.91/57706; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004QK=4.87/57549; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004QS=4.95/56773; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004R9=5.00/56313; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004RF=4.91/56466; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004RM=4.87/56313; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004RW=5.05/55856; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004SF=4.91/55252; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004SO=4.95/54953; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004SQ=5.00/54953; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004SZ=5.05/54507; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004TO=4.95/54065; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004TP=4.99/53626; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004TU=5.10/53626; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004TW=5.04/53336; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004WJ=4.87/50380; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004WZ=4.91/49297; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004X0=4.95/49431; 2D -!- PI/MW: SPOT 2D-0004XH=4.99/48369; 2D -!- NORMAL LEVEL: 1900-3500 MG/L. 2D -!- PATHOLOGICAL LEVEL: DECREASED DURING HEPATIC CIRRHOSIS IN CHILDREN 2D [3] AND EMPHYSEMA; INCREASED DURING THE ACUTE-PHASE REACTION [2], LIVER 2D DAMAGE AND PREGNANCY. 2D -!- POSITIONAL VARIANTS: 30 GENETIC VARIANTS KNOWN AS PI ALLELES [4]. 2D -!- MAPPING: MICROSEQUENCING [6]. 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