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Searching in 'SWISS-2DPAGE' experimental data (AA composition)
for spot names matching (exactly): '2D-000KJ8'
on the 'ECOLI' map.

Query Result: 1 match

Spot ID AC
Amino acid composition
2D-000KJ8 P0A6Z3
B=12.5, Z=14.1, S=8.1, H=0.6, G=14.9, T=4.2, A=8.1, P=2.9, Y=1.4, R=6.2, V=7.6, M=0.9, I=4.5, L=8.1, F=3.1, K=2.9


SWISS-2DPAGE (search Spot)

Database constructed and maintained by SIB, using the Make2D-DB II package (ver. 3.10.2) from the World-2DPAGE Constellation of the Expasy web server