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Attention: World-2DPAGE is no longer maintained.

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Please give an author search keyword. This may be any author name or partial name. For example, you may type Bairoch, or BAIROCH, or just Hochstra or even hoschstra.

List all authors for a given ID or AC

If you give an ID or an AC, you will get all authors referenced in the given entry. For example, you may type apoa1_human, or APOA1_HUMAN to find out about all authors referenced in the APOA1_HUMAN entry, or just TCTP to find out about authors who have been working on the TCTP.

Search by author and ID or AC

If you give an author name (or partial author name) and then an AC or ID (or partial AC or ID), you will get all the authors matching the author keyword who have been working on all entries matching the ID or the AC keyword. For example, you may type bair and then human.
To force the ID search to match the beginning, use '^'. To force it to match the end, use '$'. For example, use ^APO to list proteins ID beginning with APO.
To list all entries for a given author, leave the entries field blank.




Database constructed and maintained by SIB, using the Make2D-DB II package (ver. 3.10.2) from the World-2DPAGE Constellation of the Expasy web server