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Software error:

install_driver(Pg) failed: Can't load '/work/expasy/lib/site_perl/5.8.9/lib/x86_64-linux/auto/DBD/Pg/' for module DBD::Pg: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /work/expasy/lib/perl/perl5.8.9/lib/5.8.9/x86_64-linux/ line 226.
 at (eval 120) line 3
Compilation failed in require at (eval 120) line 3.
Perhaps a required shared library or dll isn't installed where expected
 at inc/ line 3125
 at /work/expasy/www/lib/ line 733
	Expasy::die('install_driver(Pg) failed: Can\'t load \'/work/expasy/lib/sit...') called at /work/expasy/lib/perl/perl5.8.9/lib/5.8.9/ line 44
	Carp::croak('install_driver(Pg) failed: Can\'t load \'/work/expasy/lib/sit...') called at /work/expasy/lib/site_perl/5.8.9/lib/x86_64-linux/ line 800
	DBI::install_driver('DBI', 'Pg') called at /work/expasy/lib/site_perl/5.8.9/lib/x86_64-linux/ line 646
	DBI::connect('DBI', 'dbi:Pg:dbname=swiss_2dpage', 'select2d', 'd2tceles', 'HASH(0x98cc220)') called at /work/expasy/lib/site_perl/5.8.9/lib/x86_64-linux/ line 575
	DBI::connect_cached('DBI', 'dbi:Pg:dbname=swiss_2dpage', 'select2d', 'd2tceles') called at inc/ line 3125
	main::EXECUTE_FAST_COMMAND('SELECT AC FROM ExternalMainXrefData LIMIT 1', 'HASH(0x7fe6840)') called at /work/expasy/www/cgi-bin/world-2dpage/swiss-2dpage/2d.cgi line 3947

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.