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Attention: World-2DPAGE is no longer maintained.
It will be discontinued on 31-May-2024.

Swiss-2DPAGE data (text records and image files) will continue to be available from

World-2DPAGE Repository no longer accepts submissions.

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Data from reference:
Conditional independence mapping of DIGE data reveals PDIA3 protein species as key nodes associated with muscle aerobic capacity
Burniston J.G., Kenyani J., Gray D., Guadagnin E., Jarman I.H., Cobley J.N., Cuthbertson D.J., Chen Y.-W., Wastling J.M., Lisboa P., Koch L.G., Britton S.L.
Journal of Proteomics 106(1):230-245 (2014)
Uploaded (Feb-2014) to the World-2DPAGE Repository by Dr. Jatin G. Burniston, Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, L3 3AF, UK.

This repository contains data from many published articles, putting together several dozens of reference maps covering various species, and totalizing thousands of identified spots.

Additional data from several new papers are currently uploaded and being reviewd.

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