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Attention: World-2DPAGE is no longer maintained.
It will be discontinued on 31-May-2024.

Swiss-2DPAGE data (text records and image files) will continue to be available from

World-2DPAGE Repository no longer accepts submissions.

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Searching in 'World-2DPAGE Repository [0004]' experimental data (PMF)
for spot names matching (exactly): '170'
on the 'OB21DSUB' map.

Query Result: 1 match

Spot ID AC
170 P12346

915.4411; 925.4881; 949.5349; 1118.533; 1122.5493; 1186.5139; 1208.5782; 1289.5109; 1312.6697; 1348.6101; 1360.5787; 1392.7249; 1423.7012; 1476.7178; 1539.6661; 1578.7509; 1589.6393; 1652.6331; 1656.7164; 1835.7599; 1881.8092; 1906.8408; 1941.9387; 2461.1853; 2586.1716; TRYPSIN

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