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Experimental information for SWISS-2DPAGE NUCLEI_LIVER_MOUSE 
Soluble nuclear proteins and matrix from liver tissue  {Mus musculus (Mouse)}
tissue: Liver

(map ID: e7bbcd6d-ec13-4134-a00b-b24e5197af5d)
Release: 19.2 -- 09 November 2011

Gel experimental information

Information Type Data
Map name NUCLEI_LIVER_MOUSE {Soluble nuclear proteins and matrix from liver tissue}
Dimension 2-D
Related documents Sample Preparation / Gel Related Documents
species Mus musculus (Mouse) / TaxID:10090
Tissue (Swiss-Prot definition) Liver
pI start: 3.50 - end: 10.00
Mw start: 10000 - end: 200000
Number of detected spots 4000
Number of identified spots 15
Number of identified proteins 8
Mapping Methods {PMF} Peptide mass fingerprinting
Reference Bibliographic reference
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